Nikdo mě nemá rád - v postprodukci

Sara works as a secretary at the army headquarters in Prague. She is an attractive 29-year-old single
woman. While she is constantly surrounded by strong young men at the army headquarters, she has not found a partner yet. Her authoritarian mother’s presence probably does not help. Yet Sara enjoys solitude, and has come to terms with her position as a detached observer of other people’s lives. When she meets
the gallant, graceful, and soft-faced Martin, she is fascinated by him. Gradually, their connection grows, but when Sara wants to take their relationship to a deeper and physical level, Martin shies away. He is hiding a deep secret. Yet Sara refuses to accept his unwillingness to open up to her, and manages to compel him to
expose himself. Martin takes a step he has never taken before and reveals his naked body to Sara. She discovers that Martin is intersex, a hermaphrodite. Sara’s initial astonishment does not deter her from pleasuring Martin sexually. They are falling in love and happy, and Sara agrees to keep Martin’s secret. Yet their happiness comes to an end when Sara unintentionally reveals Martin’s secret to her family. Sara’s joy over the relationship has blinded her to the reality of how society deals with “freaks”. Martin’s behaviour with Sara starts to be uncertain. Internally restless and feeling betrayed, Martin is not able to see their common future, and decides to leave Sara. The years go by, and Sara resumes her solitary life in the apartment where she was once happy with her true love, Martin. As her life passes by in loveless routine, all she has left are her memories.